Local alumna donates more than just money

By Sean Harvey ’10

Local alumna, Melissa Lallo ’02, does not only give back to Lynn University by writing a check every year, she also gives of her valuable time and effort.

Melissa has been active with Lynn in many ways:  participating in the alumni leadership council, appearing for speaking engagements on campus, mentoring and assisting students, working with the Office for Career Development and Internships to help students gain internships, and finally by being a generous annual giver.
When asked why it is important to give back to Lynn, she said, “I love LU. I want to see the school prosper and continue to grow. I am proud of the school, the education I received there and what the school as done for me on both a personal and professional level. I think it's important to set an example for my family and friends that I support our school.”

LU has made a large impression on the Lallo family – Melissa, brother John ’06, and sisters Samantha ’06 and Erica ’03 are all alumni of the university. “I do feel that Lynn was a great place for all of us to lay our roots. The faculty and staff are incredible and I developed so many incredible relationships that I still rely on to this day. Being in such a close knit school, you're able to develop closer, more meaningful relationships.”

Focusing on international business during her time at Lynn, Melissa studied in China and Singapore twice. After graduation she returned as an adjunct professor in the business school for three years. Currently, Melissa is the director of marketing for Blue Ocean Press in Ft. Lauderdale.