2010 Class Gift a success!

By Lisa Miller

On behalf of the entire Lynn Family, we thank the class of 2010 for their gift of the graduation archway. The class raised more than $5,600 for the graduation archway project.  Donations were given by 40 percent of the graduating class. This participation rate is higher than most overall alumni giving rates at other universities and is an indicator of these graduates’ belief in giving back to LU—their alma mater.

The archway is located along the walkway at the southwest corner of the Assaf building. Many participants of the May 2010 commencement ceremony were seen having a family photograph taken under the archway. Timea Varga, a 2010 graduate commented, “Contributing to the class gift is a way for me to demonstrate how thankful I am for everything Lynn University has done for me. This archway clearly is a symbol not only of me and my peers’ unforgettable journey here, but also of our common path of giving back as alumni of the class of 2010”.