Alumni featured in business cover story

By Matt Shearman ’10

Alumni James Taylor ’05,’09 and Felicia Hatcher ’06 were featured in the Miami Herald’s business section recently. The article identifies how both Taylor and Hatcher’s businesses have incorporated a bartering method to ride out the current volatility within the economy. 

Feverish Mobile Ice Cream Party Trucks, based in Miami, was launched by Hatcher in 2008. Feverish uses small vehicles to reduce carbon emissions while selling unique ice cream, gourmet popsicles and a tasty variety of healthy/vegan-friendly ice cream. Hatcher barters with corporate events where tickets and discounted ice creams are exchanged.

Taylor started Taylored Athletes in Boynton Beach in 2007. The company has grown into South Florida’s premiere basketball training and consulting company. Taylor barters for tee-shirts, getting them for half price by making a printer a sponsor, or he’ll throw in free advertising space on his Web site.

Taylor and Hatcher teamed up while at Lynn University. As freshmen in ’02 they established Urban Excellence, an educational consulting company where the pair travelled the country speaking to High School students about how to get into college and find scholarships. The duo is currently wrapping up a book, "The C Students Guide to Scholarships," that will be out in September. It is based on the success of Urban Excellence.

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