Conservatory alum wins prestigious award

Gareth Johnson, a graduate of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music, has been awarded first prize in the 13th Annual Sphinx Competition. He claimed the prestigious prize in the senior’s violin category, winning $10,000, a Naxos contract and an appearance with orchestras around the country.

The Sphinx Organization, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1996 by Aaron P. Dworkin, aims to overcome the cultural stereotypes of classical music and with it encourage the participation of Blacks and Latinos within this field.

Johnson also won the grand prize for “Best audition for young Munich Philharmonic and Bayern Philharmonic 2009” for the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich, Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Vienna. He won the opportunity to perform with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

A soloist with Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, St. Louis, Cincinnati, New World and Baltimore Symphonies, and the Boston Pops, Johnson also is a devoted composer and arranger of other music forms.

The New York Times once said of Mr. Johnson that he “…possesses prodigious musical gifts – like Joshua Bell or Maxim Vengerov…he dominates the stage.”

Now in his mid-20s, Johnson is a resident of Wellington, Fla.