Alum author appears on ‘Today’

by Matt Shearman ‘10

One day after setting foot on the scales, which read “error,” Lynn alum Gregg McBride knew it was time to reduce his weight of 450 lbs.

For most of his young life, McBride’s parents had him on a strict diet at home. This, however, led him to sneak eating junk food far too frequently. He developed a food addiction, whereby he would consume 9,000 calories daily. His weight continued to increase over the next 30 years.

He attempted every diet, but he kept gaining weight. Finally the words “just stop eating so much” from a co-worker were the catalyst to his lifestyle change. Exercise and a daily intake of 1,700 calories aided his quest to lose weight, and in the process he lost a total of 275 lbs.

McBride appeared on NBC’s “Today” show last November where he went public with his lifelong weight issues and massive weight loss.

His book, Just Stop Eating So Much, provides a hilarious yet liberating approach to shedding the excess pounds, and with it aims to change people’s lives.

The following article and you tube links offer more information regarding McBride’s lifestyle change.