Area alumni share time and talent

Boca Raton alumni joined current students to raise awareness, food and supplies for those less fortunate recently. The collaboration was part of a larger ongoing effort by Students for the Poor, a Lynn University-based student organization that solely works for the benefit of Food for the Poor, Inc. The effort yielded hundreds of pounds of diapers, formula, and canned and bagged goods while raising awareness of LU’s impact locally and internationally.

Students for the Poor was established the spring 2008 as a result of the generosity of an anonymous donor who sent 15 students and five staff on a life-changing mission trip to Haiti. After January 2010, the Lynn University community will have sent six mission trips to Jamaica and Haiti combined to include more than 100 volunteers.

There will be a number of opportunities to “spread the LUv” this year, including beach clean-ups, home builds and other community-oriented activities. For more information, contact the alumni office.