Entrepreneur establishes niche business

By Matt Shearman '10

After graduating in 2003 with a B.A. in design, Ben Benoit went to work for Green Advertising in Boca Raton following an internship with them. However, he always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and start his own rewarding and worthwhile business.


This passion and drive led to the founding of South Florida Exports in October 2009. The newly established company specializes in supplying parts and equipment for construction to all islands in the Caribbean. Additionally, Benoit’s rewarding aspect of the venture is to give a percentage of the exporting costs back to the island. He doesn’t want the company to just supply goods and then leave with the gross margin profits. Instead, Benoit is aiming to help develop these under privileged islands by giving back.


Benoit’s company has just formed an affiliation with Food For The Poor, and with every business deal struck with a Caribbean island, a percentage is donated to help the people of the island.


Benoit is from a family of entrepreneurs and volunteers. He says that doing something rewarding and giving back is in his blood. He is off to Haiti in December as part of an educational trip to see how the donations can help this particular island.


Benoit states, “Our goal is to continue the development of the Caribbean islands. We currently have three exclusive deals; we want to seal government deals to really make a difference in these islands".


For more information regarding Benoit’s exporting company see www.sofloexports.com.