Former LU mascot lifts spirits at Monarch High School

by Matt Shearman '10

Lynn University’s previous Fighting Knight mascot reincarnated to spark life and spirit into Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Fla.

The Monarch Knight, who rallied for Lynn until 2006, debuted as the high school’s mascot at the homecoming pep rally this year. This was the first pep rally the school has held in two years.  LU alum Jeffrey Silverman ’06, assistant baseball coach of the Monarch Knights, said the kids were “beside themselves” with delight at their new mascot.

The Monarch Knight was eliminated from the Sun-Sentinel mascot madness competition in the Elite Eight, being beaten by the Fort Lauderdale Flying L narrowly with a 51 percent majority to 49 percent. “The kids really got behind it and had a good time voting on-line,” Silverman adds. The Sun-Sentinel recorded 69,877 votes for the Monarch Knight, as it beat the Coconut Creek Cougars and Nova Titans mascots in its lead up to the Elite Eight.