Teaching for a cause

By Jesse Kopp '11, '12

Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Jordan Angel ‘10, ‘11 is using the philanthropist mindset that she was taught at Lynn University and putting it to good use.  She is currently in her first year commitment to Teach for America, and is teaching 7th grade math in the rural town of Roma, Texas. 


She loved that Lynn stressed giving back through many different clubs and organizations like Food for the Poor, Alternative Spring Break, Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life.  She credits these opportunities for leading her to Teaching for America.


Jordan says that two professors impacted her in strong way. Stephanie Powers, a professor in the communications department, who she credits for being a strong, passionate individual.  Jordan says when she took her class in her senior year it confirmed her passion for communications and opened her eyes to new opportunities. 


Anna Krift was the second professor that impacted Jordan.  Jordan took a Latin America class with her and it really opened her eyes to the culture.  She states that she not only had passion in the classroom but passions for the earth and giving back.  She feels Lynn University embodies these qualities because of professors like Anna Krift.


Jordan’s advice to Lynn students today would be to seize every opportunity Lynn puts in front of you.  She credits Lynn for being such a unique and one-of-a-kind University.  She states the opportunities given to you at Lynn, you couldn’t really find at other universities. 


Jordan learned what giving back was all about here at Lynn and now she is doing it on her own giving a two year commitment to Teach for America.  Jordan isn’t just teaching, she is teaching for a cause.