Finding his way

Jesse Kopp '11, '12

Published Friday, March 9, 2012

Kevin Rabinowitz ‘10 wanted a change of scenery after four years in South Florida, so after graduation he moved to Seattle and started working for Budweiser. 


His degree was in radio, Internet and television media and after a few months in Seattle he moved back to Georgia and got a job with Atlanta’s Fox Sports affiliate.  He enjoyed his time there, but he found it wasn’t what he really wanted to do. 


He took a leap of faith and joined the family business, which has been retail since the 1950s.  He now manages his uncle’s business, Benny’s Package, a liquor and check cashing store in Atlanta and he has never been happier. Kevin says it’s tough because he’s on his feet for up to 13 hours a day, but he loves working with people and feels he’s on the right path.


When asked if there were particular faculty members that had an impact on him, Kevin credits Jim Miller for taking the time to help him grasp the concepts of accounting – concepts he uses every day in his current job.  “If you are ever going to own your own business one day, you better listen to his teachings.”


Kevin says, “Jim Brosemer knew it all about broadcasting. He has been there and done that. He shared his love for the field with all of his students.”  Kevin feels Robert Watson is a genius and wishes every school had classes taught like he taught them. “He won Teacher of the Year when I was a senior.”


Kevin had the courage to go out and find a job he loves.  He followed his heart and now he has never been happier.   His advice to LU students: “It’s not all about making money when you graduate. Find something you enjoy and run with it. The money will come, just be happy. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at first. It will come.”