Sisters have an eye for fashion                    

By Jesse Kopp ‘11
Published Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011


Interview with Katie Dombrowski


Cassandra Dombrowski ’11, an MBA graduate, and sister Kaitlyn ’08, a marketing specialist, took the skills they developed at Lynn and put them to excellent use creating the woman’s boutique, Green Eyed Daisy.  They enlisted the help youngest sister Hadley, an aspiring fashion designer; and their mother Jennie brought them all together to form this family initiative.  I spoke with Kaitlyn about the family business.


Q: What special talents do each of you have that make for a great team?

We have a MBA graduate who handles the business aspects, a marketing specialist who handles all the marketing, and a fashion designer who designs some unique fashions for the store.  Our combined talents make for a great team for Green Eyed Daisy.


Q: What sorts of items does Green Eyed Daisy carry/specialize in?

We have many local products, fair trade jewelry, designer purses, as well as some contemporary lines.  These lines include Komarov, BCBG, Linea Pelle, Pink Lotus, Green Dragon, Mini Rose Cashmere, Second Yoga Jeans, and Splendid, and those are naming just a few!


Q: Where is your store located?

The store is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, an excellent location on Cape Cod.


Q: Do you ever run special sales or programs?

We have monthly “ladies nights” where wine, food and fashion appeal to many.  These events often turn into charity events with a percentage of the proceeds going to various organizations.