The Grand New Party has its master

By Jesse Kopp’ 11, 12
Published Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011


Derek Postin ’11 is the new executive director for the Grand New Party (GNP) – an organization dedicated to young professionals, young entrepreneurs and college graduates (upcoming and post) who are dedicated to the redevelopment of the Republican image.


According to Postin, “Our goal is to bring a new face to the Republican image and restore the ideas of the Republican Party. We want to make the Republican image cool, young and hip. We will be doing this through our college campus tours and with our Smart Phone application (Project R.E.D.), the first of its kind. 


Describe your position as executive director?

As executive director it is my duty to be the face of the Grand New Party. I am the one out in the media and giving speeches and interviews such as this to make sure the GNP gets its image across to our target demographic and to hopefully impact the 2012 election, and every election thereafter. I am also responsible for hearing what young voters want from their government and elected officials. It is my daily goal to see that these thoughts and ideas are put into a format to which we at the GNP can help spread the message and mission to the youth of America.  I am also in charge of fundraising and marketing and have to interact with all departments and the board of directors on a weekly basis to allow the organization’s vision to be properly expressed.


What about your Lynn education helped you get to where you are today?

It really broadened me and allowed me to open up and see more views that I haven’t really seen before.  This really helped me in starting the Grand New Party. The international student population at Lynn had a major part in me seeing other people’s views.

Were there particular faculty members who had an impact on you?

Robert Watson, professor of American Studies, created an amazing learning environment and his teaching style was excellent.  He allowed his students to focus on real issues, which made classes very interesting.  It was a nice change from generic learning.  I had an interest in politics before, but Professor Watson helped me see the things I was missing. Charles Barr, professor of sports management, was great as well.  He challenged me to do my very best and kept pushing me and even pushed me past my personal best.  Sindee Kerker, criminal justice professor, also pushed me and made sure the best was always coming out of me.


How did Lynn meet your educational needs?

I could never succeed in a large classroom.  I loved the small class sizes, that gave me an intimate feeling and I really loved the one-on-one attention.


What advice would you give to a Lynn student today?

Do the work that is assigned, believe it or not it will actually pay off in the long run.  What you think is busy work, isn’t actually busy work.  Later, when you realize this you will finally see how much your professors really did for you.