Making a difference, saving lives

By Jesse Kopp ’11
Published Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011


Henry Zakkour ’11 wasn’t like most college students who come up with just any business idea – he came up with an excellent one and ran with it. was created during Henry’s sophomore year at Lynn University.  The beauty of this idea was that it wasn’t about making money, it was about making a difference.  Henry has lost many friends to drunken driving accidents and he wanted to prevent it as much as he could. 


Henry saw a scary trend at Lynn University and decided to try and stop all the unsafe driving by providing a much-needed service –  The car service, offered only to students, is a very cheap way of transportation and helps students get to and from places safely. 


Over the past few years, Henry has expanded his company to Florida Atlantic University as well as the University of Miami.  He saw great success and decided to think even bigger and looked out of state.  His company has markets in California, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, New York and Maryland. 


Henry created to bring students a safe and cheap alternative to drinking and driving, as well as rides to airports, etc. His goal is to have packages to sell parents at the beginning of each school year for their children to use throughout the year. 


Henry’s idea is saving lives and therefore Henry is making a huge difference in college students lives around the country…..they just haven’t truly realized yet.