Knights: three of a kind

By Jesse Kopp ’11, ’12
Published Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Interviews with the new deans of three of Lynn’s colleges: business, education, liberal education

Thomas Kruczek is the new dean of the College of Business and Management.  He comes to us from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, where he served as executive director of the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship.

What attracted you to Lynn University?

I saw a very unique and young school with a lot of out-of-the-box thinking going on, which I love! I loved the Dialogues of Learning as well.  The most successful business people didn’t fit into the round hole- round piece concept and wouldn’t have gotten into the best business schools.  In the end, it’s not about that, it’s about the place you learn the most and can apply to the business world. I feel Lynn does that.


How are you adapting to the Lynn campus?

Everyone has been great at welcoming me. Everyone has been very friendly and that makes it a ton easier on me adapting to a new place.  It just shows what I thought: Lynn is a very close knit family.


What would you like to bring to Lynn University?

 I would like to be a part of the effort to bring the business world to Lynn and help students get connected with local businesses and the local businesses connected with the students creating opportunities for both in the process.


What would you like to see from alumni of the business program?

Connect back with us!  Let us know how you are doing, maybe help us structure a new internship for one of our students at your company and help current students connect with alumni.  In the end its networking and you never know where networking could lead.


Katrina Carter-Tellison is the new dean of the College of Liberal Education.  She was selected after serving as the chair of Lynn University’s innovative core curriculum, Dialogues of Learning.

How are you adapting to the dean roll?

It is challenging and new! There is never a dull moment, always something new and interesting going on.  It makes my job a lot
of fun.


What are you looking to bring to the College of Liberal Arts?

I would love to see a marriage between the Dialogues of Learning and the professional programs here at Lynn.  I also want the College of Liberal Education to be more interactive with the other colleges.


What would you like to see from alumni?

I would love to see and hear from them more.  I would love to hear feedback on how their education prepared them for their next steps in life.  We would love to also hear about their thoughts on the changes to the program.


What made you want to accept the dean’s position?

There were more opportunities to work with the faculty and the university as a whole.  I also want to unite the College of Liberal Arts and its programs with the rest of the university and I felt by taking this role I could help guide the program in the right direction.  


Craig Mertler is the new dean of the Donald E. and Helen L. Ross College of Education.  He comes to Lynn from the University of West Georgia, where he served as a professor and director of the doctoral program in school improvement.

What attracted you to Lynn?

It was really a few things.   The parallel between what Lynn was looking to do and what I was looking to do.  Also the community feeling of Lynn is what really appealed to me.  I worked at state schools before and I was really looking for a smaller family-like community and that is what Lynn is.  I felt at Lynn I could really provide that unique feeling to students.


How are you adapting to the Lynn campus?

I really love it, and I love living here as well.  It has been so easy for me to feel at home, welcome and comfortable so quick.  Everyone was so welcoming not only in my office but all the offices around campus as well.  I really got that feeling of community I was looking for.


What would you like to bring to Lynn University?

I want to create those unique aspects each college of education has and make it exclusive at Lynn.  I want to find ways to integrate creativity in our program but still following state regulations.  


What would you like to see from alumni of the College of Education?

I would love to see a higher level of involvement  with our programs and faculty.  We really have a tighter knit group of alumni to get involved.  We want them to stay connected and help get our name out there.