Lynn is global

By Jesse Kopp '11, '12 
Published Friday, Sept. 16, 2011


In a time when email wasn’t popular, there were no social networking sites to speak of and texting wasn’t even a thought…how is someone supposed to keep in contact with old college friends? That was the dilemma for Eiji Haigiwara ’94, who hails from Japan and lives in New Jersey.


Eiji wanted to reunite with his old classmates and recall the great memories they made together at Lynn University. After more than 15 years, he reconnected with some of his old college friends through numerous social media sites. He used Facebook to find fellow alum Teresa Ohrn ’98, who he hadn’t talked to in more than 15 years.


Eiji decided to go to Sweden and Finland to meet up with Teresa and former classmates Jarkko Ollikainen ’94, Staffan Wage and Therese Ekerhom ’98. He first went to see Jarkko, who he visited the year before.  They took a ferry to Stolkholm to meet up with the rest of the aforementioned classmates and enjoyed a boatride, a few cocktails and each other’s company. Lynn University prides itself in having a very international student body. This story is one such example.


The relationships you build in college are ones that always stick with you even if you lose touch over the years. I have met my three best friends at Lynn and I have no doubt the three of them will be my best friends for the rest of my life. Eiji proved this point by reconnecting with his college friends after 15 years like nothing has changed. Their memories drew them back together.