Walk Through This Journey

Yanatha Desouvre '10 once again remains loyal to his lifelong goal to “Aspire to Inspire” with his latest e-book, Walk Through This Journey: Volume 2 The Next Step Forward (published by Lulu) available now on www.lulu.com and on Blackberry devices, 40 million iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch’s with iBooks all over the world. Desouvre adopted this phrase several years ago as a lyrical touchstone to remind himself to make a positive difference in the life of everyone he meets. This determination is what originally led him to pen the words found in Walk Through This Journey: Volume One eBook (also published by Lulu). Both printed copies are available at the Lynn University Bookstore.

Desouvre’s poetry is intensely personal but its themes are universal. Walk Through This Journey Volume 2: The Next Step Forward is a collection of 23 poems with titles that highlight the stories and hint at the messages contained within such as “Intimacy,” “Karma,” “Labor Day Weekend” and “Hi Mom.” His poems discuss topics and highlight circumstances that Desouvre hopes will ultimately bring out the best in people. Desouvre celebrates the unique qualities he finds in both himself and everyone he meets, saying, “I live my life the best way that I can. I believe there is endless potential in everyone as they pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals in life.” Desouvre’ s writing demonstrates his unparalleled ability to bring words to life in his poem about the devastating January 12, 2009 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti entitled “My Heart Aches and I’m Trembling (Ayiti Cheri)”

But we've cried out for so long the earth had to shake/
The pain and suffering are potent the Earth shook. /
No one paid attention now with this disaster the whole world now looks./
My heart aches and my body is trembling.

As the season of giving is upon us, Desouvre, a Lynn University MBA alumnus, will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this e-book to both the Lynn University Global Citizenship Memorial Fund and Foundation Hope for Haiti. The Lynn University Global Citizenship Memorial Fund “will provide monies for students to experience university designed and approved educational and service opportunities with focus on communities and cultures in need at the international, national and local levels http://our.lynn.edu/memorialfund.” Foundation Hope for Haiti is the America-based development arm of Foundation Espoir, created to support projects in Haiti through fundraising awareness and nurturing of long term relationships with national and international friends of Haiti http://www.foundationhopeforhaiti.org/ .

Yanatha Desouvre was born in Haiti and grew up in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. He resides in Boynton Beach, Fla. Desouvre received his MBA in Marketing and Mass Communication and Media Management at Lynn University in 2010 and his Bachelor of Science Degree at Drexel University in Management Information Systems and Marketing in 2001.

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http://www.facebook.com/Aspire2InspireNow.  To see Yanatha Desouvre recite his poetry, or for more information about Walk Through This Journey, visit Yanatha Desouvre’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/yanatha.