Alum publishes inspirational text

By Matt Shearman ‘10


Alumna Judi Cinéas recently published her first book, “Six Months To Dr.,” which explains the obstacles she had to overcome to receive her Ph.D. by her 30th birthday.

The book illustrates how Cinéas achieved her lifelong goal and completed her dissertation in six months. She shares her experiences in the hopes that other students will pick up some tips to help them when working on their own dissertations and theses.  Additionally, the book focuses on balancing getting work done alongside variables such as family, personal time and work life.

Cinéas received her Ph.D. in global leadership from Lynn University in 2008. She explains, “In 2008 I left my position as a psychotherapist and went into coaching.  I combine some of the basic life coaching techniques that others do with my experience as a clinical counselor to help people get it together. My work includes empowering and motivating people to grasp their best life.”

“During my time at Lynn I was able to strengthen my leadership skills,” Cinéas continues.  “The experience also solidified the importance of thinking outside the box and reminded me how important a strong support network can be.”