New Year’s Eve reunions

By Kelsey Butler ’13 ’14
Published Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014

Lynn University alumni reunited around the world this year to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Sixteen Lynn students and alumni gathered from seven different countries in two different cities to welcome in the New Year. Some met for the first time and others reunited after months of being separated. There is nothing like getting back together with friends from your days at Lynn. Good parties and good people allow you to create temporary youthfulness, like the one you once had.

In London, England, alumni and current students gathered from four different countries to bring in the New Year. Canada, Scotland, England, and the United States were all in attendance to watch Big Ben strike twelve as fireworks lit up the skyline. The English hosts for the night were Scott McCubbin ’11, James Aldred ’13, and Lauren Handley ’15, but others made a bit of a longer journey for the reunion. Paul McPhee ’14 hailed from Scotland; Rio Hanlan ’13 from Canada, and Kelsey Butler ’13 ’14 and Meghan Dolan ’15 from the United States.

Travel over to Stuttgart, Germany, and you would have found the Austrians, Germans, Canadians, Americans, and Icelandic gathering to celebrate the New Year. At the stroke of midnight, the group ran to the streets of Stuttgart to welcome the New Year and watch the fireworks ignite the sky. Alumni and students in attendance included Gabriella Wuyke ’14 from the United States; Tanja Gruber ’13 and Johnny Mertl ’13 traveling from Austria; AB Magnusson ’13 making the journey from Iceland; Jackie DeMarco ’12 ’13 from Canada; and they were all guided by their German hosts Philipp Uttikal ’13, Heiko Eberhardt ’13, Michael Kutscher ’13, and Simon Gubisch ’15.

Lynn’s diverse culture has encouraged and enabled students and alumni to travel the world.  Lynn brings the world together as one.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. 

Happy New Years!



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