Mr. Inspiration

By Kelsey Butler
Published Monday, Dec. 16, 2013

According to Peterson Francois ’12, Lynn is like Disney—where dreams come true.

Peterson said Lynn University has helped him connect with “highly qualified, experienced, talented and supportive professors” who educated him to achieve both academic and professional goals. “Lynn University has helped me make my dreams come true,” Peterson said.

Since graduating from Lynn with a master’s degree in business administration, Peterson has written the book, Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality, which  was inspired by his professors who were committed to giving him a strong educational foundation :  Ralph Norcio, Farideh Farazmand,  Lisa Dandeo, and  Jose Lopez. 

Inspirations”provides a great deal of stirring, useful information designed to enable people to find the balance that can change their lives forever.  This powerful book of motivation will instill confidence in anyone working hard to find success.

Though Peterson says writing a book has given him great accomplishment he is not stopping there.  Lynn changed his life drastically, in a positive way.  Therefore, he wants to open his very own university to do the same thing for others.  He wishes to pay it forward and give people the same inspirations and opportunities that Lynn gave to him.

Just when the man could not get any more inspiring, Peterson aspires to create a charitable organization that will “focus on helping sick children, adults, seniors, families and the homeless.” 

 “No one will be able to recognize you as a human being until you can prove to everyone your strength by creating something on your own,” writes Peterson. He commends Lynn and his professors for playing a huge role in allowing him to create something he can call his own.

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