Extreme Makeover: Lynn Edition

By Kelsey Butler ’13 ’14
Published Wednesday, Dec.  4, 2013

How many of you are wishing you were born a few years later or had not graduated early or even on time? I know I am. 

If you have not noticed (but I don’t know how you could miss them), Lynn has made several improvements to the campus over these past couple of years. The library has a Starbuck’s café, Christine’s has been remodeled, every freshman gets an iPad mini, and the cafeteria is now open 24/7.

Oh, but the excitement does not stop there. By the end of the academic year Bobby Campbell Stadium will be finished and by the end of next fall the International Business Center and the Snyder Sanctuary will be complete.

Thinking about coming back for another degree? Me too. A little birdie told me if you are a Lynn alum you could be eligible for 10% off if you return for your master’s degree in the fall of 2014. Next fall all students, new and returning, undergraduate and graduate, will all receive an iPad mini. Come back for your masters and this includes you too. 

Have I convinced you yet? Hope to see you next year.

To find out more about graduate admissions contact Steve Pruitt at 561-237-7834 or spruitt@lynn.edu.

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