Changing the world one step at a time

By Kelsey Butler ’13 ’14
Published Wednesday, Oct., 30 2013

Michael Dolce, Esq. ’91, added another person to his fan club when I had lunch with him the other day. He told stories about cases he has worked on as a defense attorney that sent chills through my arms and brought tears to my eyes. It takes a strong person to be an attorney and an even stronger one to be a defense attorney that specializes in child abuse cases. Michael is not your average attorney, he truly cares for the victims he represents and he can relate to them unlike any other attorney. Whether he knows it or not, Michael is changing the world one step at a time.

Michael began making a huge impact on the world in 2010 when his well-fought, six-year battle, helped create no statute of limitations for sex crimes against children in the state of Florida. In many cases, victims do not come out or go public with their story until years or even decades after the event(s) occurred. Many states have a statute of limitations stating that a person must press charges against the perpetrator by a certain age, for example in Maryland the time to press charges expires after the age of 21.

Michael is back at it again, changing the world one more step at a time. The film Pursuit of Truth; Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Seeking Justice is a documentary that Michael featured as an expert in since he is a nationally recognized and respected attorney and political activist. The film incorporates real life survivors of child abuse and their journey to bring justice to their abusers. Only just being released this year, the film has already received an award and has several pending nominations.

Continuing to climb in the ranks, Michael has been elevated to the executive board of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence while continuing to serve on several other advocacy boards. He is also celebrating his second year of founding his own law firm, Dolce & Paruas, PLLC, and is engaged to be married on Dec. 7. Things look to be going Michael’s way due to all his hard work.

Remarks from Dr. John Pickering, long-time friend and former teacher of Michael. “I first met Michael Dolce when he enrolled in one of my history classes. From that point till his graduation in 1991, I could always count on Michael to set the standards of excellence for the class. I came to know Michael not only as an exceptional student, but a caring person whose ideals about life and the world were mature and sensitive. I have not been surprised at how Michael’s career has taken shape; the caring and sensitivity I saw over 20 years is quite evident as his practice has become dominated by cases involving sexual and domestic abuse. I am now in my 38th year at Lynn University; many students have some and gone and most have been forgotten, Michael is the exception. I see in him those qualities which renews my faith in the human condition.”

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