The Man, The Myth, The Legend

By Angie Caple '14, '15
Published Thursday, August 20, 2015

Greg Malfitano '75 is not only the Senior Vice President of Development and Administration, but he is also a father, a husband, a mentor and most importantly; a friend. For those who have the pleasure of knowing Greg, they are definitely one of the lucky ones. If you haven’t met Greg, chances are you’ve seen him hustling across campus plotting his next venture, or sharing a laugh with students and faculty. Working at Lynn University for 43 years, Greg Malfitano is a major reason for the success of the university.

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Greg grew up with a successful family and was one of seven children. After venturing down to Lynn in the early 70s, Greg found success in a number of different venues. Whether it was working at the infamous Ratskellar, involving himself in student life, or working within the Residence Halls; Greg has always aimed to please those around him.

The accolades for Greg continued over the years, but it is the hard work that he continues to sustain. Following graduation, Greg was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Central Michigan, and attended on the weekends while working full time for Lynn during the week. At the age of 28, he was appointed Dean of Students. He then helped launch the athletic department at the University, with the first National Championship in 1987. The de Hoernle Sports and Cultural Center was then built in 1993, followed by other University landmarks such as the Perper Tennis Complex, the Wold Performing Arts Center, Remembrance Plaza and most recently the Mohammed Indimi International Business Center. It’s not business, it’s personal for Greg.

The list goes on and on with the number of accomplishments he has made, but Greg is someone that always focuses on the bigger picture. He will continue to build upon this University, where students and faculty are genuinely cared for. While he is successful and well respected, Greg is someone that is constantly helping others, regardless of the convenience. Greg Malfitano represents Lynn University and all that it dignifies: passion, patience and family. His legacy will forever live on throughout the grounds in which he has tediously worked day in and day out. 

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