Young & Puttin’ It

By Ruth Augustin '15

Published Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015


Daniel Young '13 always had an interest in sports. Around the age of 10, while living in the United Kingdom, he was introduced to not only golf but soccer as well. Though he was great at both, Daniel had to make a decision on which he would fully pursue; and golf won him over.


When Daniel set off to begin his college career at Lynn University, he knew that he had made the right decision. Not only did Florida have great weather all year round, which is key for golf players, but the small classes at Lynn were helpful to Daniel and similar to his high school experience back home. Lynn’s environment, the students and professors who made him feel at home, aided in the great experience he had here.


While attending Lynn, Daniel was part of the men’s golf team. “It was fantastic and a successful four years, not only for myself but for the program as well. I enjoyed every minute!” Throughout his four years here, the team was very close. Regardless of the athletes that came and went, they managed to hold a bond that led to their ultimate success. Following graduation, Daniel continued playing golf full time and has been a part of the Scotland National Team. This past March, Daniel won the South African Amateur Championship. He was also runner up in the Scottish Amateur Championship and won a tournament called, the Battle Trophy this year. 


In hopes of going professional in the near future, he is currently in the middle of qualifying school for the European tour. If he succeeds in the final round he will get his European Tour card and become a pro-golfer. Daniel is very excited for what is to come for the future. Regardless of anything, Daniel has said that he is, “fortunate to be doing something I love.”  


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