Whatever Happens, Happens

By Angie Caple '14, '15
Published Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

Jonathan Nimerfroh ’03, while only taking one photography class at Lynn University, is now an award winning photographer residing in the Nantucket area. With a true passion for traveling all over the world, from Islamorada to Eleuthera to Scotland; Nimerfroh has put himself in some of the most alluring places on earth, all with the best of intentions. He is currently the creator and owner of his three photography businesses; JDN Photography, Runaway Bride Nantucket, and his most recent endeavor Nantucket Salt.

Graduating with a degree in communications and journalism, Nimerfroh was only taking photos in his spare time. Nimerfroh traveled the South Florida area, as a student, to take photos of musicians; Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, Mick Jaggar, and Coldplay are just to name a few. Handing out business cards whenever, to whomever, he could; Nimerfroh then realized that this was something he wished to pursue further.

After working as a photojournalist in the suburban Philadelphia area, he realized that being closer to the ocean was where he needed to be. “I’m obsessed with the ocean and when I’m not taking photographs of the swells I’m riding them in all seasons throughout the year.” He thoroughly enjoys rustic views and coastal vibes, which coincides with his current lifestyle on Nantucket. Nimerfroh’s mellow attitude towards his photography is refreshing in the fact that he lets the work come to him. While not forcing anything, Nimerfroh has naturally managed to capture the charm of Nantucket in a sense that you can feel the salt on your skin.

Don’t let his easygoing attitude fool you; his work has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone and Eastern Surf Magazine, as well as websites such as Passion Passport and Style Me Pretty. The current launch of Nantucket Salt, a coastal-inspired marketplace where nautical and salty items washed upon shore are then transformed into unique collections, which has been extremely popular in the Nantucket area.

Nimerfroh is constantly looking towards his next project and is willing to travel all across the world for photo opportunities. His adventurous spirit is what has created his success today, and the joy towards his craft is perpetual.

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