Touchdown, Kreshnik

By Angie Caple '14, '15
Published Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kreshnik Jonuzi ‘12 is literally someone you want on your team. Originally from Southern New Jersey, his family roots stem back to Albania. Kreshnik played football for nearly eight years of his life and he had to make the decision to keep playing or to pursue his career. Lynn University was thankful for Kreshnik’s entrance into the College of International Communication in 2009 because he had a major influence throughout his time with the university.

Kreshnik started to build strong relationships during his time at Lynn, and was able to work closely with Professor Martin Phillips. After working on projects together, Kreshnik gained experience working in South Florida. He graduated in 2012 with a degree in Radio Television and Internet Media and was offered a Graduate Assistant position with the school of Communications. He was presented an opportunity to produce videos for the Presidential Debate in 2012.

After receiving his degree in communication studies, Kreshnik pursued opportunities that were awaiting him. Some of his accomplished experiences include; Editorial Production Intern at CNN, Clip Researcher at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Cinematographer/Editor for the Boca Raton Magazine. After doing some freelance work, Kreshnik was selected as one of fifteen to have an internship at NFL Films. At the end of his two month internship, he was hired as an Associate Producer with one of the most astounding networks of all time.

Kreshnik wasn’t handed this position; he saw an opportunity and ran with it. While believing in the acts of persistence and patience, he never strayed from the confidence he possesses. It is this strong work ethic and love for his craft that show through in his work. His game plan may involve owning a production company in the future. Clearly, he knows what it takes to reach the end zone.

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