The Truth in Detail

By Angela Caple '14, '15
Published Tuesday, June 11, 2015

While sports are full of uncertainties, Hoyt McGarity ‘06 is providing the ultimate truth to the recreation of golf. Originally from Long Island, New York, Hoyt began playing golf at the age of seven. He attended boarding school his entire adolescent life, and felt Lynn University was the perfect fit with regards to the size and atmosphere. Throughout his tenure, Hoyt was a two-time All American for the Men’s Golf team. Following graduation, he played at the professional level and toured around the world. After five years and tours with American, European and Canadian teams, Hoyt decided to go in a different direction.

Hoyt always had an interest in the technology behind the tools used within the sport, and recognized an opportunity to utilize this growing interest. Although he was extremely successful as a player, he chose to step away from the game to find a new type of success on the green. Hoyt is now living the dream of many collegiate and professional athletes around the world with his new business venture, True Spec. Not only is he successful, but he is able to be in touch with the game that he has loved his entire life.

True Spec Golf is a brand agnostic fitter and tailors premium clubs to their customers.  An abundant amount of time and manufacturing goes into producing each club, and clients are exceedingly pleased with their performance on the green. The experience Hoyt had throughout his collegiate and professional career allowed him to make connections in many locations across the globe. Needless to say, True Spec Golf has become overwhelmingly successful. Currently there are locations in the Bahamas, Miami, Manhattan, Columbus and more to come in Naples and Switzerland.

Working alongside Tim Cote, a fellow Lynn Men’s Golf player and a highly qualified staff, True Spec Golf has exploded within the golf scene in just one years’ time. The company has two of the top ten golfers in the PGA Tour using their clubs, as well as other exclusive individuals, such as Sean Connery and Justin Timberlake. Hoyt wishes to expand their online presence, as well as their mobile units and potentially expand to 50 locations across the world. While he pays attention to the details, Hoyt reflects truth not only in his personal values, but also in the pride he has for True Spec Golf.

Pictured - Kathleen and Byron Ekey, Justin Rose

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