Take it to the Sea

By Angie Caple '14,'15
Published Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015

Ioulia Nikiforova, ’02, ’04, is a special Lynn Alumna, and those who have the pleasure of knowing her, adore her. Every time her name is brought up, a genuine smile comes across many faces because that is the affect she has on people.  Don’t let her charm fool you; Ioulia made it through the Morgan Stanley recruiting class – which has a 2% survival rate across the firm nationwide. Originally from the Soviet Union, Ioulia came to the United States to attend the University of Florida. Realizing she had been just a number, she decided to transfer to her idea of Disneyland - Lynn University.

Ioulia quickly realized how special the University was, and couldn't imagine leaving after graduation. After only a year and a half to finish up her degree, she was granted the Graduate Assistant position in the Office of Admissions. She then continued to move her way up within the office from Program Coordinator for Graduate Admissions, to the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions. Ioulia expresses her thoughts about the university by saying, “Lynn wasn’t just my academic school, but it was my school of life.” Those who have had the opportunity to attend and walk these precious grounds, have not only the ability to receive a strong education, but also to become a well-rounded individual. Ioulia is a superior example of a Lynn graduate, and is continuing to make us proud through her never ending accomplishments.

After leaving Lynn University after seven years, she decided to go in a whole different direction – fashion. Ioulia worked in Bal Harbour at Michael Kors, for a short period of time; until someone noticed that she was not where she belonged. She knew that she needed to learn how to swim in any type of water, and Ioulia was ready for the sea. Because of Ioulia’s intelligence and quick wit, the recruiter immediately noticed that Morgan Stanley would be a wonderful spot for her. Ioulia has been able to use her personality to put herself in a strong position within the Morgan Stanley firm.

Coming from very powerful childhood, Ioulia was taught certain ideals in which she will carry for the rest of her life. She has maintained her family legacy with what she is accomplishing, and that is proven on a day to day basis. She is continuing to build her contacts and become more comfortable within the Morgan Stanley environment, after working just a year and a half. Because of her will to win, Ioulia will do whatever it takes in order to further her career. Lynn University is more than fortunate to have someone like Ioulia as a representative, and she hopes to bring her knowledge back to the class room. Keep your eyes peeled for this future professor, whose last name you may not be able to pronounce, but whose words you will never forget. 

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