Sebastian opens Miami restaurant Bloom

By Harika Rao '11 '15
Published Monday, Jan. 28, 2013


Sebastian Stahl '10 graduated with a master’s degree in business administration and a hospitality specialization. Born into a family that has owned and successfully operated restaurants in Guatemala City, Sebastian was involved in the restaurant business at a very young age.


In 2006 Sebastian opened Shiitake, an innovative and unique concept restaurant that he designed and developed. He successfully ran this Asian inspired restaurant until he moved to Miami in 2009.


While pursuing his master’s degree at Lynn University, Sebastian worked as a restaurant manager at The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. In 2011 Sebastian and friend Jose Miguel combined their passion and creative vision to develop Bloom, their restaurant in Miami.


“Bloom is inspired on the amazing things in life that we miss - on human growth and evolution,” stated Sebastian. He and Jose envisioned a restaurant where all forms of artistic expressions are appreciated while combining culinary creativity with music. They conceived the idea in March 2011 and it took them a year to be ready for their grand opening. “It is all the right people to get the job done. We were fortunate enough to have a very talented team including our executive chef and our sous chef coming from Makoto,” says Sebastian. The chef elevated what was traditionally street food in Asia and Latin America to a whole different level of restaurant dining.


Sebastian recommends his personal favorite Kobe skirt steak marinated in Coban chile and choclo corn, the octopus shaken (not stirred) and the pork belly ramen.


Talking about his time at Lynn, Sebastian said that he had a fantastic experience. “I really loved that it was very personalized and I really got to interact, know and share ideas with professors and classmates.”