Putt'n to the Top

By Ruth Augustin ‘15

Published Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Kevin Rabinowitz ’10 is someone who knows the importance and effects of campus involvement. Before graduating from Lynn University, Kevin was a very active student. In 2006 he became a founding father for Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT). He was also a student athlete on our baseball team and participated in many intramural sport teams. Throughout his college career, Kevin took part in many campus events, the Going Green Initiative with Kevin Ross, Campus Parking Council, baseball broadcasting and much more. “I think it’s so important, and I stress it to people going to college to get involved on campus. That’s how you meet people you never thought you’d be friends with.” Said Kevin.


After receiving his degree in Broadcast Communication, Kevin switched things around. His networking skills moved him into business, sales and leadership positions where he excelled at. Kevin said, “I realize that I was better at talking directly to people, then talking into a microphone.”

Currently, Kevin is working at Netchex. A software company that offers a one stop shop for employer services. It integrates Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits Administration and more into one software. Through this position Kevin has worked closely with some of Atlanta’s largest growing companies. But opportunities are constantly coming his way. While not even looking for a job, Kevin’s LinkedIn profile brought a new job his way. He received a call with an opportunity that he has been seeking for 5 years. Beginning in October, he will begin working for March Networks. Kevin will be the Regional Business Development Manager selling security hardware and business analytic software to franchisors. This position is a step into exactly what Kevin has been working towards in the future.


Not only is Kevin successful in his career, but he’s also successful on the golf course. Kevin loves anything that has to do with golf and competition. His strong work ethic and willingness to put time into what he enjoys has helped him become very prosperous outside the office. In 2013, Kevin was 1 of 128 people to qualify and compete in the Remax World Long Drive Championships and was able to share the tee box with 5 time Champion, Jason Zuback for a few rounds.


Every experience that Kevin has had, whether it was through work, golf or Lynn, he is reminded of the importance of networking and making your goals attainable. You never know who you are going to meet and what kind of experience you will have. Kevin want’s to remind students to, “Find a job where you’ll be able to learn from someone who does what you want to do.” Kevin’s hard work and dedication to his passions in life are proof of his current and growing success. 


(Kevin is featured on the right alongside Scott Plumb, 2009 Alumni)

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