Gone Hollywood

By Kelsey Butler ’13 ‘14
Published Wednesday, July 17, 2014

Jason Bergenfeld '02 who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and broadcasting has gone Hollywood on us.  The native Californian knew from a very young age that he was going to end up in the entertainment business.  His go-getter attitude is what makes him one of the best in the business. He strives at taking the smallest of ideas and turning them into a film or television show.

On Jason’s agenda is currently a film called “Sara Sweetcheeks,” which is in pre-production. However, his latest work was the film “Horror Filmed,” which he produced about two students writing their graduate thesis to prove paranormal existence.

“Horror Filmed” was filmed in Kansas City at a haunted house – The Chambers of Poe – that has been notorious for paranormal activity.  Workers have reported paranormal incidents including, soda cans spinning on their own and a manager being pushed down the stairs when no one was around.  There have even been mysterious deaths, including that of the owner who died in a bizarre elevator accident in 2005.  I grew up in Kansas City and went to this haunted house every Halloween season; however, I never knew the place was actually haunted.

Jason’s production of the film was eerie, with a “Paranormal Activity” feel to it.  If you are into scary movies, then you’ll have to check out “Horror Filmed.”  Something wanted these students to believe in paranormal activity.


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