Discovering your passion within the process

By Ruth Augustin '15

Published Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015

Some of us know exactly what we will major in for years. We have spent our lives planning for it, but have never considered this: What if what we planned to do leads us to, what we love to do?


Hilary Greene ’04 ended up going down a different path than she originally planned for. While preparing to attend Lynn, the interior design program that she was originally interested in was no longer available. Instead, Hilary decided to continue her education on a visual design route. Lynn was a great fit for her. Its small environment and the ability to connect with professors and advisors made her educational experience incredible. Things may not have gone as she planned, but she discovered her passion within the process. While sitting in an advertising, writing and design course, Hilary found her love for marketing.


After graduating with a bachelors in design, she continued to work in different positions that were geared towards marketing. To further her experience, she worked in sales, communications and marketing positions. Hilary said that these positions have, “taught me the importance of understanding your audience in order to drive traffic to your business.” The previous knowledge that she gained through her advertising and media planning is what prepared her and helped her secure the position she is in today.


Currently, she works as the Communications Officer at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. Her responsibilities include advertising planning, email marketing, managing the museum’s website and social media. She has been in her position for four years now and enjoys working for the museum every single day. Working with the Norton has made her knowledge and appreciation for art grow. But while in her own position, Hilary has learned a lot about what she want’s for her future as well. In 2012, after realizing how much she wanted to further her future position in marketing she decided to take a leap forward. She enrolled in Tulane University’s AB-Freeman School of Business to take graduate courses online. Though she received her master’s certificate, Hilary is considering returning for a master’s degree in business or marketing. You’re probably wondering, how does this woman stay motivated? “A challenge! Stepping out of your comfort zone builds personal confidence, character and drive in all aspects of life.”


For anyone searching for a job, Hilary has left us with a bit of advice, “Be patient. It’s not easy finding your dream job right away, so explore other avenues. You might find an opportunity that prepares you for the job you desire, or lead you down a career path you never anticipated.”


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