Another successful Lynn alum to star on television

By Kelsey Butler
Published Thursday, Sept. 12,2013

On Sept. 17, Emily Lipman ’08 will join the list of Lynn alumni to be featured on a reality television show as she joins the cast of one of Bravo’s new hit shows, The New Atlanta. As Bravo states, “Emily has the looks of the girl next door but is a force to be reckoned with both in business and on her hunt for love.” This successful boutique owner has quickly become well-known in the up and coming fashion industry of Atlanta.

The Atlanta native was not always in the fashion industry though. Emily graduated from Lynn with a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management and found herself working in Minor League Baseball. 

Unhappy in the little league, she made the move to PrimeSport in Atlanta, where she planned events and created packages for sporting events.  In January 2010, Emily lost a good friend from Lynn in the Haiti tragedy. At that point she told herself, “Life is way too short,” so she quit her job, phoned her friend, and asked if she wanted to open a boutique with her.  Emily was able to follow her dream and open the boutique, Raw Denim.  The switch to the fashion industry has really put her in the spotlight.

Jezebel magazine featured Emily in “50 Most Beautiful Atlantans 2011” article, which gained her lots of attention and eventually landed her a spot on the new reality show The New Atlanta.  Emily says, “Atlanta is a really big city, but it is actually extremely small and everyone kind of knows everyone.”  The magazine was approached by Bravo TV to see if Emily would be interested in being
featured on the show.  Emily had the ‘why not?’ attitude and told the network yes. 

Though Emily has stepped into the spotlight, she has not left Lynn behind in the dust.  She still stays in touch with her old professors that helped turn her academic life around as well as old classmates.  Though we may feel we are missing out on the good life as we watch Emily take on Atlanta this fall, she actually says she misses South Florida a lot and feels she is the one missing out on all of the fun. 

The new series highlights five up-and-coming “ATLiens.”  The cast has an array of occupations including entrepreneurs, actresses, business owners, models, missionaries, and Sunday school teachers.  The diverse group ensures an entertaining season ahead.

Emily was able to shed a little insight on what to expect from this season. “It is about up-and- coming professionals in Atlanta.  For me it is about my store, my life, my ‘baby’ and how to juggle life itself in Atlanta with your family and your business.  It is full of fun and drama of course, because life is drama.” 

Balancing the store, family and filming proved to be no challenge for Emily as the more she has on her plate the better she works.  Be sure to tune in to Bravo on Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. central) to catch the premier and see Emily take on Atlanta.


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