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The Man Who Can Play Anything

Franz Felkl '16, credits his connections at Lynn’s Conservatory of Music for helping him secure the second violin position with the Amernet String Quartet...   >>Full story



Humanitarian Enthusiast

From competing at the professional level in Canada as an equestrian to CEO and founder of Verati Design Group, Denise Fraile is a truly outstanding. >> Full story

A Man Who Builds and a Man Who Gives

At a young age, Joseph Deglomini, Jr. '00 discovered his interest in buildings.  >>Full story

A Musical Life

In 1991, Frederic Bednarz was studying violin at a Canadian high school in Montreal when his violin teacher told him about a new music school that was being started in Boca Raton Florida – 1,612 miles away.  >> Full story

The Curious One

 At 17 years old, Darrin Kelley ’89 moved from South Africa to the United States. “It was quite a change, just moving countries not knowing what you’re getting into was kind of scary,” he said. Lucky for Darrin, he already had a couple of childhood soccer friends at The College of Boca Raton. >> Full story

For The Love of Fashion!

In 2009 Jelena graduated with her bachelors in Business Administration. Immediately after this she decided to enroll in the MBA International Business program. She said, “That’s when I realized my love for the business and how I wanted to open my own retail store one day.” >> Full Story

From Greece to Boca Raton

Making the transition from a European Country to the United States was an extremely big step for Leonidas Oikonomidis ’15. He said, “Family is really far away and the culture is totally different here.” Even so, he was very excited about the opportunity to study in Boca Raton, Florida. >>Full Story

Karen Harris, The Lucky One

 Karen Harris ’05 was a working mother when she decided to enter the Health Care Administration program at Lynn University. “It was run extremely well. It incorporated our work life into what we were learning. M professors were always available for extra consults when needed,” said Karen. >> Full story

George's wheels to Justice

 When George Taylor ‘02 decided to go to college he headed over to Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. It wasn’t long before he settled back to Boca Raton, Florida to attend Lynn University. “I was looking for a smaller school where if you were absent you would be noticed, for that one-on-one connection with professors, and I found that at Lynn,” George said. >> Full story

Peter Pirotte: The Trumpeter

At ten years old, Peter Pirotte ‘12 was struck by music. “I caught the classical music bug when I was pretty young. I started on the violin with the Suzuki method. I enjoyed all kinds of music as a kid, but I had a good ear for classical music and did pretty well, placing into all-state bands and orchestras,” Peter said. >> Full story

Enjoy What You Do & Enjoy Life

 Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fede Gogliormella ‘03 came to the United States when he was only 11 years old. He returned to Argentina before coming back to Boca Raton for college. He knew that Lynn was just a perfect fit. >> Full story

Come and cruise with BikeCruz!

When Brandon Appel ’07 spent the summer in Boca with his grandparents, he came across Lynn University. At the time he was going into his junior year at Johnson & Wales University. “I came and decided to take a tour. I fell in love and never looked back. " >> Full story

LaToya Dixon: The Educator

While growing up In Boynton Beach, Florida LaToya Dixon ‘05 was surrounded by a family full of educators. At a young age she knew that she wanted to teach, “I have always wanted to impact the world and help others. >> Full story

Putt'n around with Jessica Bradley

When Jessica Bradley ’15 was recruited by Courtney Bibby to play golf for Lynn University, she found that it was the perfect fit. She said, “I chose Lynn because of its location, the weather and the size of the school, as I had come from small schools in the UK.” >> Full story

The House Elects: Ashley Cacicedo

When Ashley Cacicedo '14 found Lynn University, it was fate. At a time when she was undecided and unsure of what path to take, Lynn guided her in a direction that led to great opportunities and some of her most treasured memories. >> Full story

A Push to Innovation

Albert Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” This is something that Keri Kolettis ‘95 reminds herself constantly. >> Full story

Lilliana Marrero, The Violinist

 When Lilliana Marrero ‘15 was thirteen years old she began to play the violin. After her first orchestra rehearsal in the 8th grade, she knew instantly that she wanted to be part of an orchestra for many years to come. >> Full story

Jeffery Karlson, A Man On The Rise

At ten years old, Jeffery Karlson ‘11 picked up his first trumpet and never looked back. Years later, Karlson began his quest for a college education and discovered Lynn’s Conservatory of Music, where he studied Music Performance. >> Full story

Serving and Brewing Justice

When Dan Mathews III ’90 began filling out his college applications, another harsh New York winter was beginning to set in. He considered many programs and schools, but he had already fallen in love with the very same school that his sister attended; the College of Boca Raton. >> Full story

A Man of Many Talents

Jassen Todorov ’98 always dreamt of becoming a musician. When he was only 5 years old, in his native country of Bulgaria, he began playing the violin. 35 years later, he hasn’t stopped. >> Full story 

Young & Puttin’ It

Daniel Young ’13 always had an interest in sports. Around the age of 10, while living in the United Kingdom, he was introduced to not only golf but soccer as well..... >>Full story

Discovering your passion within the process

Some of us know exactly what we will major in for years. We have spent our lives planning for it, but have never considered this: What if what we planned to do leads us to, what we love to do? >> Full story

Haley’s Great Adventure

When Haley Mariano '13 stepped onto Lynn University's campus, she
was immediately struck by the people who greeted her in the Admission
Office... >> Full story

Putt'n to the Top

Kevin Rabinowitz ’10 is someone who knows the importance and effects of
campus involvement. Before graduating from Lynn University, Kevin was a very
active student..... >> Full story

Climbing the tower to success

The moment that Daniel Manzano stepped onto Lynn University’s campus, he knew this was it.  >> Full Story

The Twin Cities takeover; Team Edelstein

Henry Edelstein '10 is a part of Minnesota’s most successful real estate teams; Team Edelstein. He currently works alongside his father, Tom Edelstein, who has been in the business for 41 years now.  >> Full Story

Soaring Over New Heights

Daniel Ramirez '04 has been around airplanes his entire life. It's no surprise that years later he would be following in the same footsteps as his father.  >> Full Story

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Greg Malfitano '75 is not only the Senior Vice President of Development and Administration, but he is also a father, a husband, a mentor and most importantly; a friend. >> Full Story


Composing the Portrait of Youth

At a very young age Michael Anderson '10 began writing music. Lucky for him, he grew up in South Florida where he was not too far from Lynn University. >> Full Story

Love her Bradley

Katie Bradley '11 is someone who can captivate people with an unforgettable charm, whether they’ve known her for five years or five minutes. >> Full Story


Touchdown, Kreshnik

Kreshnik Jonuzi ‘12 is literally someone you want on your team. >>Full Story

The Truth in Detail

While sports are full of uncertainties, Hoyt McGarity ‘06 is providing the ultimate truth to the recreation of golf. >>Full story

The Perfect Ying and Yang

Kimberly Ahlum is not only an experienced designer and project manager, but she is also a mother of a beautiful son named Taylor. >>Full Story

Soup to Nuts

Vanessa Ott, ‘08, traveled from New Jersey to South Florida to pursue her dreams within the realm of mass communication. >>Full Story

Cooking up opportunity

Joanna James ‘09 found her niche specialty and has incorporated her many strengths to pave the way for her success. >>Full story

Spirited success

Little Rock native, Gene Prousnitzer ‘10, became successful due to his genuine passion and hard work. >>Full Story

The power of Falcone

Mark Falcone ‘10 is a self-proclaimed American Warrior, and his recent business venture revolves solely around this passion. >>Full Story

Planning all over the world

Drew Boslow ‘11 built a strong name for herself while at Lynn University and is beginning to establish her talents on an international level. >>Full Story

Talent matches passion

Not only is Gareth Johnson an alumnus of Lynn University and Sphinx, an internationally renowned competition, but has also managed to become a successful business man >>Full Story 

Life in the Fast Lane

Patrick-Otto Madsen ‘97 has deemed himself as an extremely successful racer throughout the country, and has been whizzing by the competition in his Porsche 911. >>Full Story

True Life: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation may seem to be a joke with Amy Poehler, but for Jennifer Cirillo ’02, it is a profession that is consequential to Palm Beach County. >>Full Story

Tara, Tara, Taradise

Family is one of the most important things to Tara Atsalis ‘12, and she has a managed to take her heritage and turn it into a career. >>Full story

Take it to the Sea

Ioulia Nikiforova, ’02, ’04, is a special Lynn Alumna, and those who have the pleasure of knowing her, adore her. >>Full Story

Host with the most

Stephen Dorcy ‘79, prized alum from the College of Boca Raton, has found nothing but success throughout his life, complemented by his work ethic and quality leadership skills. >>Full Story

Find Your Tool

Dr. Daniel Andai '05, a prized dean at the New World School of the Arts, internationally profound performer, and a leading concertmaster, are just a few of the titles he upholds. >> Full story

Go With Your Instincts

Emmy Award winner, advertising guru, and creative genius; these are just a few terms to describe Jon Soto ’82. >> Full story

Whatever Happens, Happens

Jonathan Nimerfroh ’03, while only taking one photography class at Lynn University, is now an award winning photographer residing in the Nantucket area. >> Full story

Alum challenges young entrepreneurs

Thanks to a generous gift from Jeremy Office ’11 of Delray Beach, students in Lynn’s College of Business and Management benefit from the Howard Isaacson Innovation Challenge, named after Office’s late grandfather to honor their mutual love of entrepreneurship.  >> Full story

It’s not what you do; it’s why you do it

Being weightless is unachievable due to the essence of gravity; however, Gregg McBride ‘83 has created his own form of weightlessness.  >> Full Story

Life can be simple and straight forward; simple, not easy

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life throws you a curveball, you better swing for the fences. >> Full story

Soaring to new heights

At the beginning of May two Lynn alumni – Ryan Rodosta '09 and Phillip Parada '07 – found themselves flying 30,000+ feet in the air together for Spirit Airlines.  >>Full story

Gone Hollywood

Jason Bergenfeld '02 who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and broadcasting has gone Hollywood on us.  >>Full Story


Who loves banana flour? WEDO

  When people think of one for one companies, they usually think of TOMS shoes, but now there
   are a number of companies participating in one for one programs.  >> Full story

They say there are two things one should not witness being made…

  It was not always Mike Sirchio’s dream to open a butcher shop; in fact he did not know
  the slightest thing about being a butcher. >> Full story

There are three types of baseball players...

  There are three types of baseball players; those who make it happen, those who watch it
and those who wonder what happens.   >>  Full story

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire

  Reggie Jackson ’05 had always thought he wanted a corner office at some big company like MTV, 
ESPN, or WWE, but once he got to Lynn he realized he needed to follow his heart and not his 
head. >> Full story

If winning isn't everything, then why keep score?

The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything.  >> Full story

New Year's Eve reunions

 Lynn University alumni reunited around the world this year to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  >> Full story

Mr. Inspiration

According to Peterson Francois ’12, Lynn is like Disney—where dreams come true. >> Full story

Extreme Makeover: Lynn Edition

How many of you are wishing you were born a few years later or had not graduated early or even on time? I know I am. >>Full story

Faber est quisque fortunae suae

Some say people get lucky, others say it was fate, and the rest of us believe hard work is the key to all of our achievements.  >>Full story

Changing the world one step at a time

Michael Dolce, Esq. ’91, added another person to his fan club when I had lunch with him the other day.  >>Full story

Helping others find their path to Lynn

Businessman, author, producer, teacher, you name it, Patrick Glover ’05 ’06 has done it.  >>Full story


Failure is not an option

We all live by some sort of motto in life. Steph Hammerman '12, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, says her motto is part of who she is.  >>Full story

Another successful Lynn alum to star on television

On Sept. 17, Emily Lipman ’08 will join the list of Lynn alumni to be featured on a reality television show as she joins the cast of one of Bravo’s new hit shows, The New Atlanta>> Full story 

A cab ride in Paris to an everlasting friendship

No one would have thought getting lost in a taxi cab in Paris on a study abroad trip would lead to a lifetime of friendship, but for Joey Fago '05 and Denise Fraile '06 it did. Denise said, “It’s those kinds of experiences that start a lasting friendship.”  >>Full story

1978 - A Love Story

Meet Sue Decker '77 and Bill Irwin '78 who started their journey of love and life at the College of Boca Raton.  It was love at first sight for them, at the campus Rathskeller where Bill was the DJ.  >>Full story

Brilliant and eloquent artist/writer Yanatha Desouvre

 Yanatha Desouvre ’10 is a man with prodigious talents. Born in Port-au-Prince, >>Full story

Violinist Sylvia Kim Kilcullen ’05 joins Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Sylvia Kim Kilcullen ’05 was named assistant principal second violin by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. >>Full story


It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s Karagianis

While Chris Karagianis ’06 wasn’t born on the planet Krypton, he has some things in common with the man of steel and his alter ego, Clark Kent. >>Full story

In Kind Work - Daniel Rosenfeld

Daniel Rosenfeld '08 graduated from Lynn University’s College of International Communication with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting. During his time at Lynn, Dan worked as a graduate assistant in the information technology and marketing departments. >>Full story

Connecting … one call at a time

How would you react if you heard from a school friend after 20 years? Meet Joe Sullivan '81, whose passion drives him to reconnect old school pals with himself and each other. Inspired by his father’s story, Joe uses his spare time and gregarious spirit to reach out. >>Full story

Flying high with Vida Jets Camilo Beltran, President and CEO

Camilo Beltran ’09 graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration from Lynn University and is pursuing his master’s in business administration. >>Full story

Sebastian opens Miami restaurant Bloom

Sebastian Stahl '10 graduated with a master’s degree in business administration and a hospitality specialization. Born into a family that has owned and successfully operated restaurants in Guatemala City, Sebastian was involved in the restaurant business at a very young age. >>Full story

Alumni trio volunteers at Mizner debate viewing party

Michelle Clubb '08, Joseph Essaye '09 and Carmen de Ocampo '77 were proud to volunteer at the debate viewing party for alumni on Oct. 22 in Mizner Park. >>Full story

Plumb shares presidential debate experience

Scott Plumb '09 graduated with a bachelors of science degree in business administration from Lynn University, where he helped oversee the construction of the Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center during 2009 -2010. >>Full story

Dr. Kelly Kennedy, the creative ‘ieatnburn’ app designer

Kelly Kennedy '09 graduated with a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Lynn University. Born and raised in Miami, Fla., Kelly earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Florida International University. >>Full story

Patrick Moen shines as the general manager of Grand Lux Café

Patrick Moen '02 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration and is putting his degree to use as the general manager of the Grand Lux Café in Boca Raton, Fla, helping with the development of managers and staff, sales planning, daily operations, inventory and cost control at Grand Lux Café. >>Full story

Rissler heads up sports tourism in Sarasota

Nicole Rissler '03 graduated with a master’s degree in business administration from Lynn University. She earned her degree while coaching the university’s volleyball team. Nicole has been appointed director of sports for the Visit Sarasota County organization, which promotes tourism on Florida’s gulf coast. >>Full story

Silver sets a new trend with SLYDZ eyewear

Max A. Silver '10 '11 is proud to call himself a Lynn University alumnus. Max graduated with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA degree. During his time at Lynn, Max spent considerable amount of time developing innovative ideas that have resulted in numerous U.S. and international patents. >>Full story

LU takes on Rollins in doubleheader

Lynn University soccer alumni and their families were invited to join the Fighting Knights as Lynn University was hosting Rollins College on Saturday, Sept. 15, in a Sunshine State Conference soccer doubleheader. Lynn University’s Fighting Knights had a heart-racing finish with a 1-0 victory over the Rollins. >>Full story

Changing lives

Fiston Kahindo '07, '09 and Alexandra (Cardovillis) Sanguinetti ’04 met in 2004 at Lynn University. Fiston was a sophomore pursuing an undergraduate degree in international business with a minor in international relations. Alexandra was a senior preparing to graduate with honors and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in aviation management. As the board of directors of Dream Sponsors, Inc., these alumni have been part of a volunteer team that has completely transformed the lives of 16 children in Kenya, Africa. >>Full story

Varsity Letter Gordon

Scott Gordon '11 graduated with a Master in Business Administration degree.  He was a two-year letter-winner with the Fighting Knights men’s soccer team from 2009 to 2010 before being drafted by Dallas FC in the MLS Super draft. >>Full story

Three cheers for three hosts

Three exceptional alumni graciously hosted fellow alumni at the three Lynn on the Road cocktail receptions last week—the first time in Lynn’s history that all three events have been sponsored by a local alumna or alumnus. >>Full story

Demeo soars to great heights

Nina Demeo '88 is the airport manager for the North Perry Airport, Hollywood International Airport. She lives in Boca Raton and is a mother of two beautiful daughters, Camilla and Celina.. >>Full story

Innovator Tammy

Tammy (Pardue) Mazza '94 graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in education Pre-K through 6thgrade. She was one of the pioneers in helping the Lynn University women’s soccer program reach national prominence. >>Full story

FulBright-Star Knight

Lavinia H. Draper ’10 graduated from Lynn University’s College of Education with a Ph.D. in global leadership. She recently received the Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching, which is one of the most prestigious and selective scholarship programs operating world-wide in over 150 countries with more than 300,000 alumni. >>Full story

Lynn’s ‘KNIGHTingale’

Natasa Stonjanovska ’11 graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Lynn University in the studio of Roberta Rust, piano department head artist-faculty. >>Full story

Viva VidVilla Studios

Greg Gerosky ’02 and Jason Bergenfield ’02 are the creative minds behind Manolin VidVilla Studios, which develops and produces a wide range of programs for TV, including specials, talk shows, sitcoms, movies, reality-based shows, international formats and web-based, interactive fare. >>Full story

Lynn University receives $6 million gift to construct new business school building

Lynn University will receive a $6 million initial gift this fall toward the construction of the new home for Lynn’s College of Business and Management—the $12 million International Business Center. >>Full story

CBS’ Bob Schieffer to moderate Lynn debate

As the candidates get ready to debate a number of issues, including foreign affairs at Lynn University on Oct. 22, this year’s presidential debates are already turning into some of the most important in recent history. >>Full story

Porter named Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research at Texas A&M-Central Texas

Russell Porter ’89 has been named the new associate vice president of graduate studies and research at Texas A&M Central Texas. >>Full story

Thank you Lynn University

Shannon Jones ’06 is proud to call herself a Lynn University alumna.  She has achieved much success since her graduation and credits Lynn University for preparing her for the workforce.  Shannon told her story in her own words below. >>Full story

Real estate success

Jesse McCue ’07 is a big success in the real estate field following the completion of his MBA from Lynn University.  Read about his time at Lynn and his current success. >>Full story

Women’s soccer alum to represent Colombia in 2012 Olympic Games

Former Lynn University women’s soccer player Melissa Ortiz has been selected to represent Colombia at the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in London, England. She becomes the first person in school history for any sport to participate in the Olympics. >>Full story

Scoring goals for the community

Jared Montz ’05 was a member of the Major League Soccer team the Chicago Fire until his pro career was cut short due to injury.  Montz’s playing career also included a 2003 Division II Men’s Soccer Championship here at Lynn University. >>Full story

A boy's dream becomes reality

We all have dreams when we are young. Some may seem untouchable while others create a fire within that cannot be extinguished. Trevor Schliefer is  a perfect example of this. Graduating with a degree in mass communication and film studies has given Schliefer the tools to excel in his craft.  >>Full story

Jetting to success

Camilo Beltran ’09, ’13 wasn’t one of those students who sat around just doing what had to be done throughout his college career.  He took internships that he thought could help better himself and his resume.  Beltran interned with a small and forming jet brokerage company called Prive Jets. >>Full story

Faculty of the year!

Stefanie Powers is a proud alumni of Lynn University. She also happens to teach at her alma mater as well.  However she doesn’t just teach, she makes a positive difference in peoples lives. The Class of 2012 proved this as they voted her professor of the year. >>Full story

Connie Siskowski is named a CNN 2012 Hero

Connie Siskowski '04 never expected her doctoral research to reveal the high urgency of family health situations and caregiving causing poor effects academically with children in Palm Beach County.
>>Full story

Using the game she loves to make a difference

Megan Osmer ’06 decided around this time last year to place a donation box inside the University of Washington’s women’s basketball locker room during senior clean out. >>Full story

A taste of New York City

Taking those first few steps off the graduation stage holds a significant amount of meaning. For many alumni, it is the time to endure a new journey full of challenges and successes. >>Full story

The camera's point of view

Many want to chase their dream, but once one starts something there is no turning back. The next alumni success story to be shared is that of Michael Griffith.
>>Full story

Conservatory graduate enjoying diverse career in South Florida

Lynn University graduate Jeff Adkins ’09, ’11, would be happy to have one job, especially during these economically challenging times when many college grads cannot find any work in their field. Jeff has eight jobs. Yes, that’s right, eight jobs. >>Full story

Cruising to success

Alex Warner came to Lynn University as a 21 year old freshman after a conversation with Marsha Glines; he credits Marsha for much of his success. He has worked for a large financial firm in New York City as a trader on the floor of the stock exchange. >>Full story

‘Midday Goddess’ earns her degree

Amy Desouvre ’12, better known as the Cierra “The Midday Goddess” the host of one of the most popular radio shows in South Florida, has just earned her degree. >>Full story

Taking banks by storm

Josh Morell ’10, ’11 has moved through the banking ranks since his graduation. He started in a training program to be a personal banker for Bank of America in Palm Beach. >>Full story

Paving his own path

Patrick Glover ’05, ’06 is paving his own way and not just walking on it; he is sprinting. >>Full story

Lynn alumnus receives Fulbright Scholar award

Matthew Kutz ’06, Ph.D., ATC, who is currently the Clinical Education Coordinator of Athletic Training at Bowling Green State University, has just been awarded the Fulbright Scholar grant. >>Full story

Live from Boston….a Lynn University alumna

Tiarra Norcross ’10 is the current assignment editor at NBC in Boston.  This was the goal she set as she graduated from Lynn University. >> Full story

Teaching for a cause

Jordan Angel ’10, ’11 is using the philanthropist mindset that she was taught at Lynn University and putting it to good use.  She is currently in her first year commitment to Teach for America, and is teaching 7th grade math in the rural town of Roma, Texas.  >>Full story

Teaching lessons and taking names

It’s not very often we find people that can look at their life and say they would never look back on the decisions they have made because those decisions have lead to where they are now and the successes they have been able to showcase. >>Full story

Former men’s soccer player Scott Gordon signs MLS contract

CARSON, Calif. – In hopes of adding depth to their backline, Chivas USA signed versatile defender and former Lynn University men’s soccer player Scott Gordon last Friday after a successful month-long trial with the club. >>Full story

Finding his way

Kevin Rabinowitz ’10 wanted a change of scenery after four years in South Florida, so after graduation he moved to Seattle and started working for Budweiser.  >>Full story

Love everlasting

Bernard Londoni ’09 has been making miracles happen ever since he was a child.  Bernard first escaped the Democratic Republic of the Congo and met his girlfriend, Brigitte, in a refugee camp in Burundi.  >>Full story

Big signs to come

Brandon Ackerman ’09 has created his own company called 561 Signs which is based right here in Boca Raton.  >>Full story

Older and wiser

In 2002, at the age of 77, Edith Ginsberg graduated from Lynn University with a Ph.D. in educational leadership. She was one of only three in her class who finished the program in just over two years.  >>Full story

Flying with the Eagles

Kristin Grey ’10 is living her dream of working for her hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles. She graduated with a B.A. in Hospitality Management with a specialization in Sports Management.  >>Full story

Fighting Knights take New York City

Stacey Chando ’04, Ana Segura ’03, Justine Eaglin ’02, Roberta Fedorko ’78, Joe Pucci ’11, and two other friends of the university took Knights Unite Day of Caring on the road to the Big Apple.  >>Full story

Brunner shows her hands of compassion

Olga Brunner ’05 spent 30 years in the health industry before coming to Lynn University and receiving her Master of Science degree in gerontology.  >>Full story

Jack of many trades

Humberto Fortuna ’98 is a veteran in the health care industry with 20 years of experience.  He is the current owner of Placement Counselors Corporation since 1999 and currently is the publisher of 55+ Magazine. >>Full story

The host of South Florida

David Berger ’98 has been climbing the South Florida hospitality ladder since his graduation in 1998. >>Full story

Summers writes her first of many novels

Carri Summers ’00 moved to New York City following her graduation to intern for a famous fashion designer.  >>Full story

Ospina follows in the footsteps of Bruno

Juan Ospina ’10 is an inspiration to many current students and alumni.  He is making the world a better place just like Richard Bruno, a professor in the College of Liberal Education who lost his life in the earthquake in Haiti while overseeing a Journey of Hope service mission. >>Full story

Sisters have an eye for fashion

Cassandra Dombrowski ’11, an MBA graduate, and sister Kaitlyn ’08, a marketing specialist, took the skills they developed at Lynn and put them to excellent use creating the woman’s boutique, Green Eyed Daisy. >>Full story

The Grand New Party has its master

Derek Postin ’11 is the new executive director for the Grand New Party (GNP) – an organization dedicated to young professionals, young entrepreneurs and college graduates (upcoming and post) who are dedicated to the redevelopment of the Republican image. >>Full story

Elementary teacher experiences the true gift of friendship

Lisa Kapute ’00, ’10, a Boca Raton resident and ESOL teacher at Hammock Pointe Elementary School, tells the moving story of her kidney transplant and a very special friendship in the Fall 2011 issue of online magazine Fabulous Forties (

Making a difference, saving lives

Henry Zakkour ’11 wasn’t like most college students who come up with just any business idea – he came up with an excellent one and ran with it. >>Full story

Knights: Three of a kind

Interviews with the new deans of three of Lynn’s colleges: business, education, liberal education >>Full story

Sylvia Kim '05 takes center stage at the Wold

Violinist Sylvia Kim ’05 shares her thoughts on life, Lynn and looking ahead. >>Full story

Lynn is global

In a time when email wasn’t popular, there were no social networking sites to speak of and texting wasn’t even a thought…how is someone supposed to keep in contact with old college friends? That was the dilemma for Eiji Haigiwara ’94, who hails from Japan and lives in New Jersey. Full story>>

Calling all Greeks

An interview with three Greek organizations. Full story>>




Class of 2011 leaves its legacy

The Class of 2011 selected an outdoor sitting area as its parting gift to the university. Full story>>

The ultimate backwards professor

Ron Weissman ’07 ’08 describes himself as a “backwards professor” because of the path his career has taken.  Full story >>

Life is ‘sweet’ for Hatcher

Only a few years removed from attending Lynn University where she honed her entrepreneurial skills, Felecia Hatcher now uses those skills in the real world.  Full story>>

Zeisler has it in the bag

Jennifer Haley Zeisler ’02 has always had a love for fashion and pursued it ever since she graduated with a degree in communications from Lynn.  Full story>>

Dr. Norcio awarded the Gudelsky Endowed Professorship

On May 14 at Lynn University’s undergraduate commencement ceremony, Dr. Ralph Norcio of the College of Business and Management was awarded the first Homer and Martha Gudelsky Endowed Professorship in Business.  Full story>>

The Perfect Waffle

A few months ago, Emmanuel Galel ’06 decided it was time to do something new with his career and take a risk.  Full story>>

Alexandre named MLS Player of the Week

Former Lynn Fighting Knight Jean Alexandre ’11 was named the Player of the Week for Major League Soccer (MLS).  Full story>>

And the award goes to…

Jonathan Weitz ’10 has been recognized for a video he produced while studying at Lynn University. 


Full story>>

Sullivan puts forth class gift challenge

Two other members of the Class Gift Committee, Lacy Redwine ’11 ’12 and Haley Pratt ’11, joined me to meet with Greg Sullivan '89 to discuss the 2011 Class Gift. 


Full story>>

Who was that Blue Man?

Sean Harvey ’10, ’11 holds the position of administrative fellow in the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs (the office that raises money for the university). One of Sean’s job responsibilities was to spearhead the class gift appeal. Full story >>

Another year, another challenge from Langan

Following the success of his challenge to fellow alumni last year, John Langan ’81 stepped forward to present it again this year.

Full story >>

Alumni Professional Athlete Updates

Scott Gordon signs with local team; Holloway and Kahnle find out where they are headed 

Full story>>

Lynn boasts successful Transitions conference

For the second straight year on campus, Lynn University successfully hosted Transitions, a conference that brings together educators, parents, students and special education experts to assist students with learning differences transition from high school to higher education. Full story>>

Alum’s trials, joys help parents

Shortly after Kimberly Ahlum ’94 gave birth to a beautiful son named Taylor, he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Full story>>

Gordon makes the jump from LU to the MLS

Scott Gordon ’11 is the only Division II men’s soccer player to make it in this year’s Major League Soccer (MLS) draft. 

Full story>>

Two former Fighting Knights start spring training on Florida’s west-coast

The battery mates during the final out of the Fighting Knights National Championship game in 2009, Tommy Kahnle and Kyle Holloway, are starting new chapters in their lives by attending their first spring training as professional baseball players.  Full story>>

Baseball, softball teams get caged

Sindee Kerker, associate professor of criminal justice, has donated brand-new covered, lighted batting cages in memory of her late brother, Michael Kain, who died in a traffic accident on Long Island last year. 

Local alumni and FAN get their roll on

The student alumni group, Future Alumni Network (FAN), paired up with campus recreation to host a kickball tournament for students, alumni and staff.

Full story>>

Former Lynn tennis star now interviews game’s biggest names

Justin Cohen ’06 has not only gone from playing tennis at Lynn to interviewing tennis superstars, but also from writing for the Lynn iPulse to having his own weekly column featured on the web. 

Full story>>

A reinvention, a Ph.D. and a dream…

Thomas Wilson ’10 had always dreamed of teaching at the university level and now, with his Ph.D. from Lynn University, he has been awarded that opportunity.

Full story>>

Alum has entrepreneurial success

Denise Fraile ’06 was very involved during her years at Lynn University. Her time spent on campus as the president of the Future Business Leaders Society (FBLS) boosted her entrepreneurial spirit and started her towards the successful spot where she sits today.

Boys of Boca vs. Fighting Knights

Another year has passed and so has another great match between the Boys of Boca Raton and the current Fighting Knights men’s golf team.

Alum changes plans, opens boutique

Upon graduating in 2008, Emily Lipman followed her field of study and began a career in sports management. At that time she was working in Minor League Baseball, and then for the sports travel and event management company, PrimeSport. This is what Lipman thought she wanted to do with her life until this past January when the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti.

Full story>>

Walk Through This Journey

Yanatha Desouvre '10 once again remains loyal to his lifelong goal to “Aspire to Inspire” with his latest e-book, Walk Through This Journey: Volume 2 The Next Step Forward...

Full story >>

Baseball alumni beat current Fighting Knights in a tight game

Picture this: Top of the ninth inning, game tied at three runs each and the alumni baseball team comes through with a clutch sacrifice fly to pull ahead 4-3.

Full story >>

Alums take Lynn Mag to the digital world

Lynn Magazine is now online and we have three alumni to thank for it. Andreia Brunstein ’00, ’03, Joey Rego ’02, ’03 and Selene Bowlby ’99, have collaborated to bring the most up-to-date interactive experience to your favorite magazine publication.

Full story >>

Lynn hosts alumni panel discussion

Lynn hosts a one-day professional development opportunity for Barry University, St. Thomas University, Pal m Beach Atlantic University and Northwood University Student Affairs staff members, 11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 15.

>> Full story

Student creates National Disability Awareness Month program on campus

October is National Disability Awareness Month in the United States and is now recognized at Lynn University. Alumni are welcome to attend and experience all events on campus.

Full story >>

Something borrowed, EVERYTHING BLUE!

Danielle Winn ’02 is getting married to Garrett Pearson on Oct. 10. It just so happens that everything and everyone she needs to make her big day possible is a Lynn graduate. 

Full story >>

Alumnus makes missionary trip

Lynn graduate and current LU instructional technologist and adjunct professor Karlton Brown ’99, ’01, ’03, made a missionary trip to the country of Ghana recently.

Full story >>

North named education director at The Arc

Tiffany North, ’03, ’97, ’94, has been rewarded for her passion and commitment to helping children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Full story >> 

Conservatory graduate releases CD

Jose Menor ’10 of Barcelona, Spain, received a Professional Performance Certificate in piano.

Full story >>

Local alumna donates more than just money

Local alumna, Melissa Lallo ’02, does not only give back to Lynn University by writing a check every year, she also gives of her valuable time and effort.

Full story >>

It’s a family affair

Juan Camilo Tamayo ’05, who hails from Colombia, was hired at Lynn University immediately after graduating with an MBA.

Full story >>

Alumnus takes his Lynn experience back to South America

Luis Miguel Gonzalez Ocque ’99 was one of four investment professionals hired by Morgan Stanley to serve ultra-high net worth clients in Venezuela and Colombia.

Full story >>

Alumni giving reaches highest mark in school history

The alumni giving rate at Lynn University reached its highest mark ever this past fiscal year with a giving rate of 7.3 percent – up more than 3 percent from the prior year.

Full story >>

Dr. Fabj named Faculty member of the year

Professor Valeria Fabj, of the Lynn College of International Communication was selected by her peers as the 2009-10 Faculty Member of the Year based on her teaching effectiveness, scholarly and research activity, and service to the Lynn University and greater community.

Full story >>

Two alumni are “building” a life together

Amanda Cohen and Michael Sullivan both transferred to Lynn University after 1 year at different schools.

Full story >>

Get served! Don’t miss Lynnbledon 2010

It’s time to break out your racquet and join us in the third annual Lynnbledon tennis tournament.

Full story >>

Kristen Moraz-Migliano ’97 named to South Florida Business Journal “40 Under 40”

Lynn University alumna and now Director of Athletics has been honored as one of south Florida’s brightest minds under the age of 40.

Full story >>

Twelve succeeded in the Class of 2009 OurLynn challenge

Congratulations to these 12 alumni who won coveted Lynn Alumni prize packages by updating their OurLynn profiles and making their city, state and email public.

Full story >>

Lynn alumnus uses M.B.A., industry experience to start Linen Finder, Inc.

After years of working in the linen supply industry in South Florida, Lynn alumnus Jeff Wile ’02, ’03 has created and developed a lead referral website specific to the industry.

Full story >> 

Tampa Bay Rays sign Holloway to contract

Former Lynn University Gold Glove Catcher Kyle Holloway '10 has been signed to a minor league contract by Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays.

Full story >>

Alums named Teacher of the Year by Rotary Club

Two Lynn University alumnae, Summer Parr Bochicchio ’01, ’03, ’06 and Lisa Kaputa ’00, ’09, were named “Teacher of the Year” ...

Full story >>

2010 Class Gift a success!

On behalf of the entire Lynn Family, we thank the class of 2010 for their gift of the graduation archway.

Full story >>

Sanjay Gupta to address next generation of alums

The next addition to the Lynn University alumni family, the Class of 2010, will have the honor of hearing CNN’s chief medical correspondent,  Sanjay Gupta,  addressing their class at this year’s graduation ceremony.

Full story >>

Soccer alum signs for reigning soccer champions

Ex-Fighting Knight goalkeeper Tim Melia ’07 has signed a professional contract for reigning Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Cup Champions Real Salt Lake (RSL).

Full story >>

Alums raise 20K for MS Society

This past weekend Lynn alums tested their physical endurance in support of the Lynn University cycling team and their efforts to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for the second year running.

Full story >>

Alumni featured in business cover story

Alumni James Taylor ’05,‘09 and Felicia Hatcher ’06 were featured in the Miami Herald’s business section recently.

Full story >>

Alum accomplishes lifelong goal

Ken Wentworth ’79 will compete in the Boston Marathon April 19. The business major will run for Team Hole in the Wall, a supporting charity of cancer illnesses.

Full story>>

Alumnus travels from Japan for Alumni Weekend

Mark Bruce ’07 of Illinois now resides in Tokyo, Japan. He flew in last month to attend Alumni Weekend 2010.

Full story >>

Baseball alum throws out first pitch

Sal Giardina ’86, who captained the Fighting Knights baseball team from 1983-1985, returned to the home field that provides many fond memories for him.

Full story >>

Alumnus named senior producer of radio show

Nelson Lewis '06 started his post as senior producer of the Laura Ingraham Show on Feb. 1.

Full story >>

Alumni ‘speed mentor’ students

Local Lynn alumni revisited campus last month to help current Lynn students connect with experienced professionals within the students’ particular areas of interest.

Full story >>

Conservatory alum wins prestigious award

Gareth Johnson, a graduate of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music, has been awarded first prize in the 13th Annual Sphinx Competition.

Full story >>

Local alumni stage benefit at The Cottage

Alum Andre Lutfy ’02 invites local alumni to a fundraiser at his restaurant, The Cottage, in Lake Worth,7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 18.

Full story >>

Blue Marlins come back to campus

The Blue Marlins came back to campus after an absence of nearly 36 years. Who are The Blue Marlins?

Full story >>

Alum hosts event to raise money for LU Haiti Crisis Fund

The Lynn University Haiti Crisis Fund is set to receive a donation of 50 percent of total sales from the Boston, Mass.-based restaurant, Taranta, on Feb. 1.

Full story>>

Alum author appears on 'Today'

One day after setting foot on the scales, which read “error,” Lynn alum Gregg McBride knew it was time to reduce his weight of 450 lbs.

Full story >>
Alumni cycle in support of MS

Alums Jay Brandt ’99, ‘01, Stefano Papaleo ’94, Greg Malfitano ‘75, Jan Carlsson ‘94, Gareth Dunn ‘00, David Fromhold ‘07, Juan Tamayo ‘05, Stacey Bauberger ‘07 and President Ross are, for the second consecutive year, cycling in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Full story >>

Area alumni share time and talent

Boca Raton alumni joined current students to raise awareness, food and supplies for those less fortunate recently.

Full story >>

Alum publishes inspirational text

Alumna Judi Cinéas recently published her first book, “Six Months To Dr.,” which explains the obstacles she had to overcome to receive her Ph.D. by her 30th birthday.

Full story >>

Soccer alumnus has successful first season

Former Fighting Knight soccer player Jean Alexandre and his team, Real Salt Lake (RSL), won both the Eastern Conference and the MLS Cup for the 2009 season.

Full story >>

Entrepreneur establishes niche business

After graduating in 2003 with a B.A. in design, Ben Benoit went to work for Green Advertising in Boca Raton following an internship with them. However, he always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and start his own rewarding and worthwhile business.

Full story >>

Kids say the darndest things

Alum Paul Amelchenko ’04, penned his second tome about man’s best friend. His Labrador retriever, Brinks, was the muse for his first book, TheDa Vinci dog, of which 25 percent of sales was donated to animal rescue organizations.

Full story >>

Alumni baseball game ends in tie

Alumni from the classes of 1985 to 2009 made it out for the annual alumni baseball game and to test their mettle against the defending NCAA national champions.  Fellow alumni, students and fans were on hand to cheer both teams on a beautiful South Florida afternoon.

Full story

Former LU mascot lifts spirits at Monarch High School

Lynn University’s previous Fighting Knight mascot reincarnated to spark life and spirit into Monarch High School in Coconut Creek.

Full story

Alumni published first textbook

Matthew Kutz, who graduated from Lynn with a Ph.D. in 2006, published his first textbook recently. Leadership and Management in Athletic Training: An Integrated Approach is designed to help athletic trainers effectively integrate the art of leadership into the science of management.

Full story
Team ends year on high note

The year 2009 was extra special for the recently graduated LU baseball players pictured above. Along with completing their degrees, the players experienced a fairytale ending to their college athletic careers.

Full story

Knight Ryder Cup

Faces of past and present took to a drenched Boca Country Club golf course recently when Team America competed against Team International for the newly-formed Lynn Ryder Cup. Teams were made up of 12 members – all connected to Lynn in some form, whether as employees or alumni.

Full story

Lynn grad receives coveted fellowship

Connie Siskowski, a 2005 Global Leadership Ph.D. graduate of Lynn, has been awarded a Lifetime Ashoka Fellowship and monetary grant to expand the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY), a national resource for caregiving pre-teens, teens, families and professionals.

Full story

Former Lynn golfer, alum named to Walker Cup Team

The 42nd Annual Walker Cup, pitting the finest amateur golfers from Great Britain and Ireland against those from the United States, was named with former LU men’s golfer Gavin Dear ’06 among the selections. 

Full story.

Former women's golfer wins Scottish amateur championship

Former Lynn University women’s golfer Katy McNicoll ’09 won the North of Scotland women's amateur golf championship in July and followed up by making it through to the final, qualifying for the Ricoh Women's British Open championship.   

Full story

Alum lands on national TV, brands invention

Joanna James, a 2009 graduate from the masters program in Lynn’s College of International Communication, is making waves in the national media with her new invention, Love Handles. The universal exercise device attaches to any baby stroller or carriage and gives the user an upper body /core workout while strolling.

Full story and video with Kelly Ripa

MacDougall selected by Royals in MLB draft

A little over a week after helping Lynn University’s baseball team claim its first NCAA national title, Gabe MacDougall ’09 took his game to the next level.  The Fighting Knights’ senior left fielder was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 2009 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft.  MacDougall becomes the second-highest drafted baseball player in school history.  

Full story

Home Sweet Home: Alumni Weekend 2009

The campus was home to hundreds of alumni March 27-28 when Alumni Weekend 2009 got under way with record attendance and perfect South Florida weather.

Full story

Not ‘Short’ on talent

Lynn University men's soccer alumnus, Nano Short '08, has become the latest Fighting Knight to sign a professional contract.

Full story

Alumni jump on J-term!

The 2009 New Year brought an inaugural January Term – a three-week course based on various experiential learning opportunities.

Full story

Alumni baseball hits a home run!

The annual alumni baseball game capped the final nine innings of the 100 Inning Marathon Game...

Full story


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