An alumnus travels the world while living out his dream 

iPulse staff writer
previously published iPulse Vol 9 #19 Mar 28 2012
Published Thursday, June 29, 2012 


Many want to chase their dream, but once one starts something there is no turning back. The next alumni success story to be shared is that of Michael Griffith.


While studying journalism and mass communication, Griffith realized he enjoyed being around the news whether it is in the newsroom or producing behind the camera. Griffith enjoys the thrill and enthusiasm stories can produce. 


“Because the news never sleeps, it’s hard to stay away for too long,” he said.   


After graduating in 2009, Griffith began an internship at Maryland Public Television where he worked on the Original Automotive Magazine, MotorWeek—hosted by John Davis—primarily helping drive vehicles and assisting crews in the field. From this, he landed a six-month gig overseas in the Philippines, on the small island of Mactan, next to Cebu. Griffith soon became a segment producer on two television pilots (cooking and dating show) and also was first assistant director on a handful of projects, including some commercials.


Soon after his return home, he began working for WMDT-47 News (ABC). “I started in Master Control, which means I ran [and] monitored all programming for the station,” explained Griffith. “It’s not that fun, but it was my way through the door.”


Griffith felt he needed to experience bigger and better things, so he took a risk and moved to a new location. He took a job at KCRG-TV 9 (ABC) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which is the number one station in Eastern Iowa. This studio has recently begun to rely on HD coverage in the studio as well as out in the field. 


As a result of this new move, Griffith has had tremendous opportunities covering stories such as the 2012 Republican Iowa Caucus, grabbing interviews with Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, and covering President Obama’s visit to Cedar Rapids after the State of the Union. Griffith is yet another one of many Lynn alumni who have found their passion in life and decided to fuel their fire. 


“When I’m looking through my viewfinder, whether it’s a fatal house fire or a visiting head of state, it’s that connection I have with the subject and how I present that story that matters,” he explained. “Lynn University can take a very motivated student and focus them to work hard for their dreams.”