Real Estate Success

By, Jesse Kopp '11,'12
Published Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012


Jesse McCue ’07 is a big success in the real estate field following the completion of his MBA from Lynn University.  I had a conversation with Jesse about his time at Lynn and his current success:


What about your Lynn education helped you get where you are today?


The graduate program was great for me because it allowed me to take my classes in the evening and have time to work during the day.  I worked as a graduate assistant where I gained hands on experience working in a professional environment on fundraising and marketing projects.  My Lynn education helped me get my foot in the door with a large hotel company which led me to other opportunities.


 Were there any particular faculty members who had an impact on you?


I remember Professor Curtis had a class on sports law that had an impact on me.  We learned about the legal side of many business issues and reviewed many real life case studies that I found interesting.  As a contract manager I now have to pay close attention to the details of lengthy contracts.


What advice would you give Lynn University students today?


I would advise business students today to keep an open mind and not being afraid to try new opportunities.


Describe your current job?


I am currently the contract manager for Maine Real Estate Management LLC.  I estimate, bid, and manage the day to day operations of facilities management contracts.  These operation and maintenance contracts include janitorial, mechanical, lawn care and snow removal services at government and commercial facilities. 


 How did Lynn prepare you for your future success?


I believe Lynn prepared me for future success by teaching a strong foundation of management skills that allow you to adapt.  My career path has thrown a few curve balls at me and I have been able to adjust and make the most of each opportunity. 


McCue’s career might have thrown him a few curve balls but he has hit them right out of the park.  Jesse has just touched the surface of his success and he will continue to build on those achievements.