Faculty of the year! 

By Jesse Kopp '11, '12
Published Monday, July 16, 2012


Stefanie Powers is a proud alumna of Lynn University.  She also happens to teach at her alma mater as well.  However she doesn’t just teach, she makes a positive difference in peoples lives.  The Class of 2012 proved this as they voted her professor of the year.  I had the chance to ask Stefanie a few questions about this honor.


How did it feel to be honored with such an award?

It was a completely humbling experience. To be honored with an award such as this when there are so many deserving candidates in the Lynn community is almost beyond my ability to grasp. Moreover, it meant so much to know that the student body recognized my teaching abilities as I am constantly striving to make classes engaging and welcoming. The graduating class of 2012 possesses such a remarkable amount of talent and drive that I was honored to be recognized on their commencement day.


What is your teaching style?

I believe it is essential for classrooms to offer an inviting atmosphere where students are able to display confidence while learning beneficial skills. There are numerous strategies I consistently use to enhance the learning environment. Active learning and collaborating in small groups is always employed in the classroom. In addition, at the outset of the semester, personal priorities and goals that must be met by the conclusion of the term are always discussed as well. Throughout the term, students continuously showcase their creativity through individual design and group projects. Students also feel self-empowered by exchanging stimulating, as well as insightful, dialogues on an assortment of topics and materials.


Being a former student at Lynn did it help you mold your teaching style?

I believe that my past experiences in the field of communication, as well as my classroom experiences while studying in the master program, gave me the opportunity to distinguish what I believe to be the most effective method of instruction. Those experiences continue to strengthen my resolve to supplying an effective and supportive learning environment through the highest standards of teaching. Providing students with an individualized, quality education is not only one of my passions, but also an essential component for all learners.


What has been your proudest moment as a professor here at Lynn University?

There have been numerous moments that have made me proud. Namely, as the faculty advisor of the student newspaper, iPulse, nothing makes me prouder than to see the students receive recognition for their hard work and dedication. The students have received many accolades through the years and it is quite refreshing to see. I also feel great pride when I see alumni working in the field. Lastly, I must say, I was quite proud of being recognized as professor of the year.


What is your favorite part of being a professor here at Lynn University?

I genuinely feel that Lynn University is a family. I feel so at home here in this diverse environment where everyone is so personable to one another and works together for the same learning purposes. In times of triumph or tragedy, this institution always comes together and proves its dedication to the mission. I am also honored to not only have been taught by some of the most amazing professors in the College of International Communication, but also have the privilege of working with them daily. My colleagues are extremely helpful, supportive and caring. And last, but certainly not least, the students are the heart and soul of this university. I feel that the students are devoted in a manner rarely seen – compassionate, talented and encouraging.


As you can tell by her responses Stefanie is very passionate about teaching. I find that the professors who are the most passionate generally end up being top professors. Stefanie Powers follows this mold. The students have spoken loud and clear when they voted Stefanie Powers the 2012 professor of the year - recognizing Stefanie at the top of her own class.