Cruising to success

By Jesse Kopp '11, '12
Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Alex Warner came to Lynn University as a 21 year old freshman after a conversation with Marsha Glines; he credits Marsha for much of his success. He has worked for a large financial firm in New York City as a trader on the floor of the stock exchange.


This was not Alex’s true passion though. Warner and his father have often discussed the possibility of owning a marina. This idea came from spending many summers in Northern Michigan where he fell in love with boats.


Warner has always liked Delray Beach and thought it would a great place to start his childhood dream. He spoke with a representative from Net Jets which is a company that rents out private jets. He decided to use the same concept with a few changes to run his marina—and the Delray Boat Club was born about 5 years ago with a few boats that Alex purchased.


Alex now has 20% ownership of a luxury yacht and owns a fleet of 8 smaller boats. These boats range from 25’ deck boats to 35’ contender boats. This is amazing growth for the Delray Boat Club in just 5 years.


Warner was trading stocks on the floor of the biggest stock exchange in the world, but that wasn’t his childhood dream. Alex had the passion and drive to make his childhood dream come true and now he is living it.