Changing lives 

By Harika Rao '11 '15
Published Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012


Fiston Kahindo '07, '09 and Alexandra (Cardovillis) Sanguinetti ’04 met in 2004 at Lynn University.    


Fiston was a sophomore pursuing an undergraduate degree in international business with a minor in international relations. Alexandra was a senior preparing to graduate with honors and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in aviation management. As the board of directors of Dream Sponsors, Inc., these alumni have been part of a volunteer team that has completely transformed the lives of 16 children in Kenya, Africa.      


Dream Sponsors, Inc. is a registered, 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization based in Wellington, Fla., with operations in Kenya. The organization provides basic needs such as food, school fees and general supplies to needy orphans and youth who are under the care of a relative but lack the resources to sustain a healthy life. Dream Sponsors, Inc. identifies these youth, provides basic support and an education, so that they have a realistic opportunity to escape a pervasive cycle of poverty and have a quality life.                                


Having previously worked in Lynn’s Office of International Admissions, Fiston credits his time and experience at Lynn with giving him the foundation and experience to serve on a global level. He said this of his alma mater, “The support and care that I received from both staff and faculty at Lynn, made my academic life an enjoyable and successful experience. Lynn is not just a school or university that I once attended; it is a part of my life.”


Alexandra lives in West Palm Beach, serves as the board secretary and is also an active volunteer with Dream Sponsors, Inc. She joined the organization in 2008. Together, Fiston and Alexandra are making the world a better place to live for orphans and at-risk youth in Africa!