An alumnus brings the best ice cream ever dreamed of to NYC



iPulse staff writer
Previous pubished iPulse Vol 9 #28 Apr 102012
Published Tuesday, July 3, 2012 


Taking those first few steps off the graduation stage holds a significant amount of meaning. For many alumni, it is the time to endure a new journey full of challenges and successes.


Joseph Roselli, class of 2009, has decided to take his passion for food to follow his dream to create his own ice cream shop, appropriately named DreamScoops.


Roselli graduated with a degree in psychology and credits Dr. Robert Seifer’s classes for his ability to appreciate his own successes. “He took a hands-on approach and helped me understand just how important self-insight really is,” said Roselli.


Roselli has a sincere understanding of what it means to work hard for great success. He had the opportunity to be a member of the men’s baseball team, as they went on to take home the national championship title in 2009, and through that experience was able to gain much more than a championship ring. 


“Rudy Garbalosa’s pre- and post-game speeches always filled our minds with wisdom and confidence,” said Roselli. “I miss the relationships with my teammates and the friendships that turned into family.”


Those lessons and memories he now carries with him through the next chapter of his life. “When I moved back north, these fond memories and values traveled with me,” he said. “I work hard toward my goals and keep those main points of value and philosophy close with me.”


DreamScoops is his next endeavor and that dream is coming to fruition.  DreamScoops had its grand opening on April 6 at the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn. While the creamery business seems competitive these days, DreamScoops is able to set itself apart by not only catering to the average city goers, but to those who have chosen to live a purely vegan lifestyle. 


“DreamScoops uses only the freshest grass fed dairy and locally sourced ingredients,” stated Roselli. “At DreamScoops, we make ice cream for everyone, including those who live a vegan lifestyle”.


 Today, Roselli has taken his love for food, great work ethic and passion for people to achieve his dreams. In terms of advice to students, Roselli eagerly stated, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and to follow your true aspirations. Pay attention to your skills and passions and try to link them together to create something you can truly be proud of.”